The All Star Grill & Bar is a steak house and concert venue all in one! It is owned by Musicians for
Musicians. A perfect musician's road house nestled within the motel district there are plenty of
places to stay the night. Road crews and buses welcome!
We have the best home scratch style kitchen menu for any venue or restaurant!

We've discovered over many years of travel and studio work how important it is to have great
food and drinks nearby, as well as a good place to rest from the road tours and long travels.
We follow Eric's ideas and rebuild the old Steak House kitchen that was here before and there
you have it.
A Scratch Kitchen and a full service Craft Cocktail bar for any occasion.
Now great steaks and home style from scratch cooked to order food menu!
We use our own farm raised organic produce and fresh meats from our local butcher.

Located in the middle of several hotels, across from Worlds Of Fun!
Family friendly! Bring the kids! We run room service!
You can't go wrong with this location!
Outdoor volley ball and yard games! Arcade games and pool tables to keep you entertained
between sets and meals.

We bring you independent artists from local, national, and international touring artists and
comedians and acts such as vaudeville and burlesque.
Most shows are all ages, 21 only shows will be posted.

Our mission is to give everyone the benefit of our dinner theater and concert venue no matter
what your act may be. With our connections and talents to bring your talents to the next level and
give you a fighting chance at being heard by you fans and the big guys!
We always wanted to have an entertainment road house for our every need.
Now we share it with you!

Now for a great stage to perform on? GOT IT!! Adding even more lighting and special effects to
enhance any gig you could think of, including fog!
No battles or wars, only All Star Shows!
We provide the best in sound using AVID Protools 16 channel system to record on and several
video cameras also.
YES, we record your shows!
Ask after your set, we can work a deal on your show. We can also hook up just about anything
you might have including direct boxes and effects. You don't have to worry about hooking things
up here. We know your needs.
Now sit down, relax, have a meal and a few drinks and be comfortable.
Let the party begin!

Now after the after party for some quality sleeping quarters.
Plenty of motel space right next door, google it! You'll love the location as well as we do.
We have open outdoor smoking decks.
Plenty of parking for your tour bus or RV!

Thank you for giving us this chance to share what we do!!

The All Star Grill & Bar Staff
(most of our staff are talented artists and musicians)
Keeping it real! We understand what your needs are!